An area rich in history, nature and community

For over 100 years Brentford Dock was an important part of the transport infrastructure, having been created as a trans-shipment point linking the Great Western Railway and the canal system with the Port of London. Goods from all over the world arrived on barges from the Pool of London via the railway and canals – they were then loaded onto barges and shipped to the Port of London and from there sent all over the world.

In 1964, Brentford Dock was closed as a shipping point and the site disposed of by the British Railways Board to the Greater London Council. Plans were drawn up by Sir Roger Waters in 1968 for what we now know as Brentford Dock.

The Dock was built between 1972 and 1978 for the Greater London Council (GLC) and was originally intended to be used as social housing. However, only 90 of the first-built flats were let and as the rest of the 500 flats were built they were offered for private sale on 98 year leases from the GLC.

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