Simple LinkedIn Tip for Small Businesses

Only takes a minute.

If someone (a potential client) searches for you on Google its important that A. you come out on top and B. you fill up most (ideally) all of the other spaces on the page.

There are different techniques you can use such as adding images, having an up to date Google My Business profile and adding your business name to your LinkedIn profile. Simple as that!

Google ranks LinkedIn and it may be that your profile appears when your business name is searched on but it is also possible Google does not relate one to the other. To help things along the way its worth editing your name to include your business name.

Linked in name including ‘MW marketing’.

Google search result for a search on ‘MW marketing’.

Give it a go, it only takes a couple of minutes and Google will pick up on it within a few weeks. And feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

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