Secure Sockets ‘SSL’ Layer

Do You Have One?

Google recently announced that having an SSL Certificate is the easiest thing site owners can do to boost SEO ranking. The Google search boost for using SSL applies to all sites, whether they have personal information or not.

What is an SSL Certificate?

A signed SSL Certificate from Tsohost not only facilitates the secure connection between your site and your visitors, it also verifies your identity so that the client can be reassured that their sensitive information is safe. The user will see a ‘padlock’ symbol or a green ‘https’ in their browser, assuring them of the authenticity of your website.


It is basically the green padlock in your browser that makes users feel more secure when visiting your site and your website URL is now preceded by ‘https’ rather than ‘http’.

How do you get one?

You can pay your hosting company around £50 per annum and they will do it all for you (view this example at TSO Host). You can ask your website developer if they can help, usually they can and they will normally charge you for the certificate and the installation. Keen on DIY? Lets Encrypt offer a free service and some hosting companies allow you to install it via your hosting control panel but you would need to configure your website which can a bit fiddly.

Finally, MW marketing now include SSL certificate installation and set up free of charge (via Lets Encrypt) with every new website.

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