More Facebook Changes

Explained in pictures!

Yet again a stream of complaints follow changes to Facebook, a whole host of new features have been rolled out at once by the development team with the hope that they will enhance our social experience.

Useful article from Mashable that explains the changes in pictures. CHECK IT OUT HERE. The main changes to the design revolve around ‘Top Stories’ and a ‘Ticker.’

The company’s blog says ‘News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper. You won’t have to worry about missing important stuff.’ And Facebook touts the ticker as a way to ‘join friends in real-time.’  There are also a host of aesthetic changes that can be seen in the pictures over at Mashable.

Let us know what you think

Are the changes enhancing your Facebook experience?  So far the new features seem a bit annoying to us and a bit pointless but we have said the same about most of the past updates that have taken place.  Are Facebook taking more risks by changing more than one thing at once?  With so many of our family and friends entrenched within this social network it would take a major shift in users habits to constitute a risk to Facebook and they know this.

Facebook provides a great way of staying in touch with your network and unless Google+ starts to spread wings (Google+ is now open to everyone by the way) we are left with no alternative for the moment.  Our advice, ignore the changes for now, they will soon be part of the fixtures and fittings and concentrate on staying in touch with all those people that are dying to find out what you have been up to today!

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