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New theme installed on MW marketing

We have been looking round for a new, simple and easy to develop theme for our blog for quite a while and after much searching and testing we have settled on HEADWAY. What’s more we are pleased to report that all is good so far; in fact much better than good, the theme is excellent.

There are many other great themes about and often its about finding one that best suits your demands and style. We wanted to go back to a more simple ‘Blog” look and make better use of the existing WordPress features. We also had a lot of content that we needed to transfer so we had to be mindful of that.

Not quite finished

Our next stage is to get the design chaps to develop a few bits of artwork for us, we need to install a header and spice up the sidebar a little. Everything else has been very straightforward and the features are excellent including the visual editor (Which we think is unique?) that allows you to drag, drop, twist and change on screen.  NO CODING INVOLVED!  Plus there are many additional features in the WordPress CMS.

Like to know more?

There is plenty of information about the theme on the HEADWAY WEBSITE .

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