How to Improve Your Google Rankings…

Another good article from Social Media Examiner

If your interested in learning how to improve your search engine rankings then Social Media Examiner have written a good article along the general theme of: You need to publish good quality content that users will want to read, enjoy and share if you want to rank highly with search engines.

SEO is about making Google love your site, Google want their users to get high quality sites from their searches. If you offer good quality content the Google will want your site at the top. Pretty simple isn’ it? Anyway, Social Media Examiner list 7 key ways to improve your Google rankings:

  1. It’s all about the user
  2. Content: Focus on quality over quantity
  3. Links: Focus on quality over quantity
  4. Make the most of social media, social sharing and social search
  5. Let the search engines know you’re there
  6. The truth behind duplicate content
  7. Don’t overdo the advertising


Before you go it’s also worth taking a look at this article from Search Engine Land, the original source of the ‘Search Engine Periodic Table.’


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