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What is Google + all about?

Lots of news and reviews about Google + over the past ten days as it has started to become available to the masses; it’s a difficult one to explain in relation to the other big social media sites but it is worth doing some reading on the subject so you ca determine if you think you or your business should start to get involved, we know we will be.

Anyway, listed below are several articles that we found useful:

Google +, the complete guide

Google+: It’s the hot social network on the block. In just three weeks, Google’s competitor to Facebook and Twitter has amassed more than 10 million users, and its users…READ MORE

How 2 make RSS feeds for Google + profiles

Would you rather see your friends’ Google+ posts in your RSS reader? A handy new web app called Google Plus User Feed will let you do just that — and the setup’s a snap…READ MORE

Learn Google +

Lots of people are asking about Google+ and how they can best use it. Some of you have received your invitation, have poked around and tidied up your profile a little bit, but want to learn…READ MORE

Getting started with Google +

The VERY first thing I’d do at Google+ is go to the settings gear in the upper right hand corner and work out my privacy settings. Here’s a quick screencast about that…READ MORE

How to get started with Google +

By now, you have all probably heard about the Google+ project, Google’s next attempt at making their network more…READ MORE

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