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This is nothing to do with online marketing!

We recently joined up to our local Chamber of Commerce in Hounslow and although we thought it would be useful to network a bit more and to get to know local businesses we assumed it might take a bit of time (And effort) to get fully involved and to see any tangible benefits. However, gladly we were wrong as tomorrow we get the chance to run a help desk style session at a networking business lunch.

During the regular networking session business owners can spend 10 minutes talking to us about online marketing, website challenges etc. Or put another way we get 10 minutes to listen to them to see if we can help them out with anything. Thought it was worth sharing as membership fees are modest and Hounslow Chamber offers:

  • 3 free Business Networking Lunches a month
  • Other fun social/networking events
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Seminars and Training events
  • Opportunities to advertise and market to other members
  • Member to member offers through website
  • Political lobbying

The Chamber helps business grow by providing networking and marketing opportunities and by becoming the voice of business in the area. We have close contacts with West London Business and other business groups. This allows us to lobby on local business issues. The influence of the Chamber is acknowledged by the Borough Council, which consults us on many matters that effect local businesses.


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