Building a Website

A few things to remember…

We get asked a lot about what to look out for when having a new website developed and it’s a bit difficult to answer because there are many factors to take into account not least your own objectives and motivation for being online. But we do have a few pointers that are worth noting:

Your website MUST be designed for BOTH user and SEARCH ENGINE

In general they are both equally important as they compliment each other. If your users like you site they will share / link content making you more visible to search engines. And if search engines like your site they will make it easier for users to find.

Your website MUST be content managed by YOU

Must websites are built on a content managed system that allows you to update pages and add images etc but please make sure you test drive the system first. Many ‘In House’ developed systems do not give you the functionality you may be expecting.

You MUST write a website brief

Its easy to blame your website developer for not providing you with what you asked for but unless you have a clear brief that has been articulated carefully your website developer will fill in any blanks themselves. A website brief doesn’t need to be technical just a detailed and clear explanation of what you would to be featured within your website, ideally with examples to illustrate what you mean.

ENSURE you understand; a good developer will avoid jargon

Don’t just agree with a website developer because of a lack of understanding, its not your responsibility to be well versed in technical jargon so seek clarity on any points you are not clear about. If your website developer continues to blind you with technical speak then it is likely they have your best interests at the forefront of their objectives.

Useful is not always pretty – WORDS are king

When it comes to online marketing content is much more important then pretty design and animation. Allocate time to developing good, rich content for your site and decide how your content will be displayed and accessed rather than spending too much time on minor design tweaks.

One final point on MOTIVATION

Motivation is key, your motivation. You have to give users and search engines a reason to come back to your website if you want it to develop. You can only do this if you have the motivation to continually develop and enrich your content either in house or via a 3rd party.

Do not treat a website as a one off event, it is an ongoing marketing tool that can help develop your online presence and business.

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