Why We Use WordPress

Because it puts you in control!

Most of our blog posts are aimed at informing our clients / followers on what is useful and new on the World Wide Web. We have a particular focus on what will help improve your company’s online presence.

Just for a change however we thought we would offer up a bit of opinion, not perhaps a vision of original thought but just a view on why you should be using WordPress for your website.

The benefits of WordPress are well documented, try a simple Google search and you will start to see that there are a lot fans and a lot of information to take in. For what its worth we believe WordPress is a brilliant tool, its free, simple to use and continues to update itself.


There are many and varied plugins that allow you to quickly and easily add features to your site such as picture galleries, YouTube videos or SEO tools. We recently added a HTML site map to our WordPress website and took us all of five minutes thanks to the work carried out by someone else.


There are endless options when it comes to themes, you can find some great free themes and premium ones are only around £30 – £50 and include all the features you would ever need.  We use Headway, it gives us excellent control over our content and design and you don’t ned to be a programmer to make pretty significant changes.


Putting our clients in the driving seat is the main reason we use WordPress. We can set up a site; develop content and then hand over everything to our client’s in-house team. We are happy to offer ongoing help but with some very basic training anyone can add pages, pictures and video (Amongst other things) on an ongoing basis. You can take control of your website and use it as the hub for your online presence.

What’s next?

MW marketing is in the process of setting up a new training initiative based on WordPress. We want to give our clients the opportunity to learn more about online marketing and how straightforward it can be. We can:

  1. Set up your site and manage it from start to finish
  2. Develop your site and then teach you how to take control of your online presence
  3. Teach you how to set up websites for other people

Please let us have your comments…

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