A History in Art and Maps

Chiswick Timeline

The Chiswick Timeline, a huge mural in vitreous enamel, was permanently installed in 2018 to provide a beautiful and educational backdrop to what had been a drab and scary road running below a railway crossing.

It was a huge project, time-consuming in its breadth and precision. Sixteen enormous historic maps of the area, dating from 1592 to 2018, were overlaid with works of art by renowned artists showing local landmarks. This included two specially-commissioned artworks by renowned artists Sir Peter Blake and Jan Pienkowski.

The artwork was crowdfunded by two councils, local businesses and individuals, and installed on a wall belonging to Transport for London.

A great launch party was held in January 2018, attended by several thousand people. The road was closed, Fullers supplied a truck to serve as a stage and there was free food, drink and music to celebrate the project. New artworks Chiswick without Borders and Chiswick in Ceramic were created during the course of the party and a project book and art trail were launched. Chiswick without Borders, a work of art in embroidery, has now been installed in Chiswick Library for permanent display.

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