The focus of Mark Wardell Marketing is shifting from mainly small business clients to actively seeking out and supporting more and more charities. Currently 50% of my clients are charities and the aim is to get this to 75% as the business continues to develop. You can view the results of this work here.

Cultivate London Limited

Oct 2013 – Present

Innovative urban farm and social enterprise based across multiple Community Garden sites in West London. They sponsor and train unemployed young people in landscaping and horticulture, whilst also working to engage communities in food growing changing the way Londoners think about their fresh produce and where it comes from.

Innovative urban farm and social enterprise based across multiple Community Garden sites in West London. They sponsor and train unemployed young people in landscaping and horticulture, whilst also working to engage communities in food growing changing the way Londoners think about their fresh produce and where it comes from.

Wheels For Wellbeing

Dec 2016 – Present

Since becoming a registered charity in 2007 (no. 1120905), Wheels for Wellbeing have worked with thousands of Disabled children and adults who face barriers to taking part in any physical activity. Informed by life-changing personal experience of disabled trustees, staff and volunteers, they are determined to show that anyone can enjoy cycling, given the right equipment, support and environment.

Chiswick Pier Trust

Sep 2017 – Present

Chiswick Pier Trust works to engage people with the River Thames. They provide access to the Thames and support major river events, as well as organising events of our own. They also host an annual season of ‘Talks by the Thames’ which highlight the history, wildlife and ecology of the Thames.

Friends of St Pauls Rec

Jan 2019 – Present

Friends of St Paul’s Recreation Ground (FoSP’s) was formed in January 2016. They are a growing voluntary group of local residents who are committed to securing the future of St Paul’s for the peaceful use by local residents and all visitors.

Chiswick RNLI

Jan 2017 – Jan 2021

Chiswick is one of four lifeboat stations on the Thames which became operational on 2 January 2002, providing a round-the-clock rapid response service for the capital.

Chiswick Lifeboat’s normal operating patch is between Richmond half tide lock and Battersea. With the powerful e-class lifeboat the crew can easily reach any incident well within the 15 minute target even if they are at one end of the patch.

Abundance London

Apr 2019 – Present

Abundance London harvest surplus fruit, we plant orchards, hedgerows and trees, they try and reconnect people with nature and protect it in an urban setting, they create beautiful spaces, mainly through planting but also through art.

They are a voluntary organisation with charitable aims, founded in 2010. They aim to work with local schools, volunteers, businesses, community groups and local government.

Ealing Law Centre

Aug 2019 – Present

Ealing Law Centre have legal aid contracts in Housing and Immigration and grant funding to provide assistance in some areas of housing, immigration and welfare benefits work. They work in partnership with other community organisations providing training and support and seek to use the law to promote Social Justice.

Ealing Street Pastors

May 2019 – Jan 2024

Ealing Street Pastors patrol the town centres across the Borough of Ealing caring, listening and helping everyone we encounter. They are trained to help those who may be vulnerable and in difficult situations. They seek to serve the police and the local authority and help take the strain of the incredible amount of emergency calls that are made on Friday and Saturday nights.

Hounslow Cycling

Dec 2019 – Present

Hounslow Cycling is the borough group of the London Cycling Campaign. They campaign for better cycling facilities in the borough, offer training, rides and generally provide a focus for those interested in cycling locally.

Brentford Voice

Oct 2019 – Present

Brentford is undergoing huge long awaited change. Brentford Voice want to retain the integrity and the unique character that’s been created over time. This they will do by raising awareness, providing information, and facilitating participation in all matters relating to large scale inappropriate development.

Brentford Festival

Nov 2017 – Present

Held on the first Sunday in September in Blondin Park, this popular event is free to enter and is a community engagement day for all the family.

The first Brentford Festival took place in 2005 and has grown into a major community event in West London with visitors growing from 3,000 to over 10,000.

Paradise Co-operative

Apr 2017 – Present

Paradise Co-operative are a charity that exists to connect food, nature and people through sustainable urban farming and community gardening. They combine participation, education and celebration in cultivating under-used land in Wandsworth.

Friends of Turnham Green

Jun 2018 – Present

Turnham Green in west London is the heart of the Turnham Green Conservation Area and a valued green lung, offering recreational value to local residents and office workers alike. The park has received the Green Flag award from the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy for the past 4 years in a row.

Inspire Hounslow

Jun 2014 – Present

Inspiring disadvantaged young people in Hounslow. Helping them to succeed and live a fulfilling future, contributing to society.

Bedford Park Bicycle Club

Jan 2020 – Present

All types of bicyclist are welcome at the Bedford Park Bicycle Club. Lots of support for local group rides, bike training encouragement to new or nervous riders, getting potholes fixed, more bike racks, smoother bike paths, support for kids who want to ride to school.

North Kensington Law Centre

Aug 2019 – Present

North Kensington Law Centre work in the community in West London to help people with their legal problems. We seek the best outcomes for those facing disadvantages in the areas of employment, housing, welfare benefits, immigration, criminal defence and prison law.

Chiswick Flower Market

Mar 2020 – Present

Chiswick Flower Market is held on the first Sunday of the month in the High Road’s market place, outside the police station. We aim to be the Columbia Road of the West, offering an exciting range of plants, flowers and horticultural products.

Chiswick High Road has many great places to eat, with vibrant boutique shops, and is within a short walk of beautiful historic parks and the River Thames.

WOMA World of Music & Arts Assists

Jan 2021 – Present

WOMA is a charitable trust with a clear focus, made up of a small team experienced in working in Africa. Their aim is to help women across Africa who have been widowed or disadvantaged through war, famine or Aids.

They give small educational grants to individual women in order to help them gain skills that will enable them to support themselves and their families, lifting them out of poverty and giving them a real chance to improve their lives.

Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre

Jan 2021 – Present

Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre is vibrant law centre located in central Hammersmith. They provide people in need with legal advice and representation and give support and training to other community groups. They aim to help to overcome the obstacles faced by those most disadvantaged who need access to the legal system.

Brentford Canal Festival

Sept 2021 – Present

To celebrate our waterways, the Brentford Canal Festival recognises the importance of the waterways in establishing Brentford, and to bring our community together for a day of fun where they can appreciate and enjoy life by the water.

Dukes Meadows Trust

June 2022 – Present

Dukes Meadows Trust led the regeneration of the meadows to create a beautiful riverside park. Starting in 2000 the trust has raised over £1 million to create fabulous play areas and has planted hedgerows, wildflower meadows and an orchard to increase the bio diversity of the park. Hailed by local government magazine as a model of sustainability, the trust has established successful social enterprises that generate revenue to maintain the improvements made.

Richmond Cycling

February 2020 – Present

Richmond Cycling want Richmond to be a cycle friendly borough. To achieve this, they are working with the council to improve facilities for cyclists and we are raising the profile of cycling in the borough through education and participation. They want people to choose to cycle in the borough of Richmond and feel safe while doing so.

The Food Market Chiswick

June 2022 – Present

The Food Market Chiswick is now an integral part of the shopping week for many people. Each week, come rain or shine, approximately 25 top producers from around the country come and sell their produce.

The market is a social enterprise. Proceeds from running it are used to improve and maintain Dukes Meadows park.

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