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I have been looking round for a reliable website backup service for some time as more and more of work is shifting to developing websites; client want an updated look and feel and the ability to manage the content themselves as well as linking in with their social media pages.  I am a fan and user of WordPress and recommend it to all my clients not least because I have a lot of experience using it so it makes my life easy!

Anyway I heard about Vaultpress last week so signed up for a Golden Ticket to text the Beta version, hoping to hear something back anytime soon as I have a large client project on at the moment and would love to automate the backup.  Thought I would share some info from their site or zoom on over and watch the video on WordPress TV.


VaultPress secures all elements of a WordPress site:

  • Simple setup in 3 easy steps
  • Backup to three separate cloud services
  • Protection for the entire WordPress environment, including the WordPress files (theme, plugins, options), content (posts, photos, videos, audio files), and all comments
  • Real time, continuous backup and synchronization, ensuring no loss of content or files in the event of an issue
  • Quick and easy restoring of files when necessary
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