The KEY to Effective PR

Sometimes the most ordinary of things can capture the imagination…

And bring about great PR; but it’s fair to say that more often than not organisations don’t have PR within their marketing plan; in fact, it’s not usually even on the radar.

The simple front door key was the subject of the most successful PR campaign we have ever been involved in. The company in question was the UK’s leading retail services company, specialising in dry cleaning, photo processing and key cutting amongst other things. During a new product development workshop we were shown technology that allowed a key to be covered in a coloured pattern. We quickly jumped on the idea and went about designing all kinds of patterns and images; they were introduced to market with an incredible impact on sales.

We started to work alongside a well-established, very creative PR agency to come up with an angle on which to base our campaign. After much hard work and debate we launched the ‘FunKee’ campaign that generated over £250,000 worth of coverage, was featured on Channel 4’s Big Breakfast by Wayne Hemmingway, coverage was gained in the majority of national newspapers and we even had a dress made out of keys that was modelled at London Fashion Week.

You would be surprised at what can be achieved through the effective use of PR; it’s a fantastic tool that can deliver a big impact for small expenditure.

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