Is Jane Pregnant? YOU DECIDE!

The new BT advert puts the consumer in control of the outcome, apparently!  Thought it was quite interesting that the latest in this long line of BT adverts give you the chance to vote on the outcome. Not that original but it does help in keeping this long running series alive and seems to be working. Pop over to BT and VOTE NOW.

You have the choice of pregnant or not pregnant and at time of writing there was only 27 days 15 hours and 37 minutes to go and you can vote as many times as you like so if you feel that strongly you can be a real influence on the outcome.  Quick excerpt from the site:

The BT advert series starring Kris Marshall and Esther Hall first screened in 2005. The recent storyline has centred on Adam and Jane’s wedding, but in this latest instalment, you get the chance to take the story in a new direction and decide on whether there should be a new addition to our BT family.

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