Interested in Google Webmaster?

Learn more about how it can help your business

Came across a good article on Google Webmaster from Kiss Metrics. It is an update on a previous version and takes into account all of the recent changes and updates and how to get the most from them; including setting up your Webmaster account, the types of information available and integration with Google analytics.

Google Webmaster takes a bit of time and effort but it is well worth adding your website. Below is a bit of information from Google including a nice little video that simplifies what Google Webmaster can do to help your business.

  • Find out how Google sees your site: Verified site owners can see information about how Google crawls, indexes and ranks your site
  • Analyze search data: See how many people found your site in search results, and how many people clicked on it
  • Receive alerts in your inbox: We’ll tell you if we detect that your site has malware or generates errors
  • Check who links to you: We track links from all over the web, and we’ll show you who added a link to your site
  • Tell Google about your site: Submit Sitemaps and see how many pages we added to the index

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