Google Talks About Ranking Signals

Useful videos from Google Webmaster help

We came across this first video a couple of weeks ago. We decided to share it because it is further reinforcement (From Google themselves!) that the world of SEO can be over focused on the type of details that should not be your priority, i.e. key word density.

It is important that you have relevant key words in your text, but it is more important that your content is compelling, original and overall makes sense within the context of your website. When adding content ask yourself what will be rewarding to users?, this is exactly what Google are trying to reflect in their search results.

As a bonus we have also included the latest Google Webmaster Help video on what type of action Google takes when their guidelines are violated. Websites can find themselves demoted or as is more likely removed from Google’s index if they don’t play but the rules. This video confirms that Google will take manual action if required rather than wait for their algorithms to kick in. BTW, if you want to keep up with Google Webmaster Help or ask them question then Visit the Forum or Follow them on Twitter.

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