Get Started with Google Analytics

An essential tool for any business with a website

Do you use Google Analytics? If not then you may find a recent article from Mashable of some use. They offer a step by step set up and user guide. We use Google Analytics everyday to check how our sites (And clients sites) are performing but there is so much more you can do, check out this summary of some of the reports you can run:

  • Visitors: This shows many things about the people coming to your site, including where they’re located geographically, what language they speak, how often they visit your site and what computers and browsers they use to get there.
  • Traffic Sources: Here you’ll find how people got to your site. You can track which sites link to your page or keywords people search to find you.
  • Content: This tab gives you insight into specific pages on your site. It can help answer questions about how people enter and exit your pages, as well as which ones are most popular.
  • Goals: If you’re aiming for established objectives, reports in the Goals tab will be helpful to you. Here you’ll find data about desired actions from users, including downloads, registrations and purchases.
  • Ecommerce: You’ll only need this tab if you’re selling items on your site as it houses all merchandise, transaction and revenue activity information.

(Installing Google Analytics and similar tools is much much easier if your using WordPress!)



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