Charity WordPress Websites

Need a website volunteer?

I run a specific scheme offering the same level of service as my regular clients, but at much reduced rates or in some cases free of charge.

The mission is to provide WordPress website services for charities, social enterprises and not for profit organisations to support their social and environmental objectives.

Since the scheme started the focus of Mark Wardell Marketing Ltd has shifted from mainly small business clients to actively seeking out and supporting more and more charities. Currently 50% of clients are charities and the aim is to get this to 75% as the business continues to develop.

The charity that kicked off the programme was Cultivate London in 2013, a social enterprise that work to improve health and wellbeing across London by encouraging and supporting local communities to engage with their green spaces.

There is no specific criteria to who we work with and often things start off with me learning a bit more about what you do to determine if I can help. The usual scenarios are:

  • Don’t yet have a website or the one you have is very out of date
  • You can’t edit your website easily or maybe not at all
  • You no longer have access to your website or hosting services
  • Your website isn’t producing results and it needs to be more focused

The outcomes of the work are varied and I can often help with digital marketing in general to help boost the website project. In summary I can help with:

  • Getting found online more easily, appearing in more search results
  • Attracting and recruit volunteers more easily
  • Increased donations and providing more payment options
  • Raising awareness of your work in the community
  • Improving engagement and growing your brand online

Think I can help?

The pricing table below will give you an idea of the costs involved but I may be able to help whatever your budget is. There are some examples of previous work and contact details should you wish to start a conversation.

Recent work



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