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I have always been a fan of Business Link, it’s a great resource for many things but in particular they have a very good library of online documents that can be easily adapted to suit your website. if you need ‘Terms’, ‘Distance Selling regulations, ‘Privacy Policy or any other documents then take a look at the Business Link site.

However, if you need a Privacy Policy that is a bit more in depth then take a look at Generate Privacy Policy for an easy to use and free way of generating a bespoke document for your site.

(See below for an extract from the site)

What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a document that discloses some or all of the ways to your website visitors about what you will do with information gathered from them, how you are gathering that information and how the information will be stored and managed.

Why do I need a privacy policy?

Any website should have a privacy policy, and if your websites uses third party services for serving ads such as Google Adsense or processing payments, then you are pretty much required to have one. Not having an accurate privacy policy can expose your business to liability in a number of different ways.

Why can’t I just copy one?

Each privacy policy statement should be specific to the website or business. Only you, the owner, can say whether your privacy policy accurately describes the use of personal information collected from your users. We offer a user friendly online privacy policy generator that can help you create a free privacy policy specifically tailored for your website and how you operate it.

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