Not Convinced About WordPress?

Great stats about the worlds most popular CMS

ALL our websites are built with WordPress. WHY? Because we believe it is the best solution for a small to medium size business to get ahead online, simple to use and constantly updated WordPress provides a stable platform for your online marketing.

The text and info graphic below is from LION LEAF and is an excellent review of the current state of WordPress.

The latest version of WordPress – 3.7 launched last week bringing a number of new features to the worlds most popular CMS solution including background updates and better international support.

At Lionleaf, we use WordPress extensively on a number of our CT web design projects, and to celebrate the launch of the new version, we’ve put together an infographic that outlines some of the astonishing numbers about the growth and development of WordPress over the past 7 years as it’s evolved from a simple blogging platform into a CMS that powers around 1 in 5 websites in the world.


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