Collect Videos on YouTube

Very straightforward to do

If we want to post something onto our website such as images (Large ones normally) or video we often store them externally and then simply embed. Take a look at the video below; it is stored on our YouTube channel and we simple copy and past the embed code, very straightforward.


Storage is one thing, but the main reason is to set up a reference point online that links back to our website, we tend to favour YouTube but you can use Vimeo as well. (There are plenty of other services out there) YouTube allows you to brand your channel and add a description and logo. We don’t make many videos but we do add useful stuff to our channel for our clients. Thats it really, just a matter of good housekeeping with some SEO benefits.

Visit MW marketing on YouTube

BTW: You can make your own ‘Search On’ video, try searching on Google to find the link!

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