100 Hours of Video Per Minute

Happy Eighth Birthday YouTube

Just been reading an article on THE NEXT WEB about YouTube. More than 4 days worth of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, that’s 144 billion minutes every day.  Just in case you don’t know much about the service here are a few highlights:

  • YouTube is the most popular online video service in the world
  • Owned by Google
  • Bigger than Facebook
  • Eight years old
  • Used by 1 billion people per month
  • Just launched ‘Paid for’ channels

Despite losing money each year Google continues to invest and develop YouTube much to the delight of marketeers everywhere. Video is great content for your website and YouTube makes it easy to host and share. Have a look at the GETTING STARTED page on the YouTube website and take a look at the video below on customising your YouTube channel.

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